February 10th 2016

Today I waited by the phone all day as I was expecting to hear back from the company for whom I interviewed last week. At the end of the interview they said “we’ll let you know by Wednesday next week”, and Wednesday has now expired into Thursday. 

Being the massive overthinker I am, I’ve gone over basically every possibility of what not getting my answer today could mean. 

1, They’ve gone for someone else, and are letting them know first before they let the failures know. 

2, They’ve gone for someone else and have thus just forgotten I exist. 

3, An interview was rearranged and it will still be a few days before I hear anything. 

4, they just haven’t decided yet. 

5, they’re busy. 

6, They’ve gone for me but have to make sure there’s not possibly any one left out there that they could get in before offering it to me. 

By this point I’m kinda just “I’ll know when they let me know”, and hoping they do let me know, and hoping it’s the answer I desire. 

The last job for which I interviewed offered me the job the next day, although I am fairly sure that I was the only person who applied for that job. I turned down that job because I preferred this one, and after the interview I’m not sure how confident I am. 

I’m not swung either way, really. Everyone in my family is tense and stressed about them not ringing at all, but I’m chill. They’ll get in touch, and until then I must try not to read too far into the significance of a lack of contact.

 I did have a random missed callfrom an unknown number today, so I hope that wasn’t them. 
Until tomorrow, no news is good news, right? 

One thought on “Wait

  1. Wow this is literally me right now! Everyone is saying being patience but it’s kind of annoying waiting especially when they gave me a specific day that they would get back to me.


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