March 6th 2016

Today, as a secret Mother’s Day present, I shared with my family the secret video I filmed at Christmas. By hiding my phone in plain sight I was able to record a candid Christmas, and edit it together into a highlights video.  

It was easy to film without anyone noticing because everyone is so used to seeing phones and devices on sides or on tables that it didn’t seem out of the ordinary for my phone to be out. The only difference, if you were paying enough attention, was that it was not face down, as it usually is, but stood on its side with the camera facing towards the action. 

Due to the secrecy I could catch raw, real and unstaged moments without anyone worrying about it being caught on camera. 

Sneaky, really. 

But it turned out great. 

I showed it to my whole family, and boy did they laugh. We all did. It was funnier because we were remembering the funny moments that we’d forgotten about. My Aunt laughed along with the version of her on the screen. Her real life laugh echoed with the screen’s. 

My Nan had a coughing fit because she was laughing. 

My Grandma laughed so much she’d miss the next joke and have to have it explained to her. 

I had complaints about certain camera angles and how it portrayed some members of my family, but I liked that it wasn’t footage of someone’s self proclaimed good side. It was real. If I’d told people that I was planning to record it they’d have posed, or paused before saying something, and it would’ve been forced or fake. 

Instead you get this real glimpse into my family, telling jokes, opening presents, the chaos of Christmas dinner, playing games, and lots and lots of laughs. And that’s what Christmas is. It’s having fun with your family. And now I have proof of that Christmas, forever. 

Until tomorrow, here’s the link, if you’re interested. 


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