March 7th 2016

Today was the penultimate school night of the term for me. I attend a weekly creative writing class that finishes next week, meaning today was my last opportunity to bring in work for discussion/critic. 

The past week or so I’ve been editing my novel pretty hardcore, and it’s almost finished. I’ve made the changes in pen on my printed manuscript, now I just need to make the changes to the word document, a process which I am about halfway through. 

I brought in a random half-chapter for discussion, and it was well received, again. Although I am kind of bored of the story, to them it’s exciting and new and interesting. 

It’s been pointed out that my main flaw in my writing is incorrect punctuation of dialogue. And if that’s all that’s wrong with my writing, I’m happy with that. (I’m sure there are many many more things) 

For example…

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” She said. 

…is incorrectly punctuated. The full stop after ‘dog’ should be a comma, and the ‘S’ in ‘she’ should be lower case, as in…

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” she said.

Apparently I make that mistake every time I use dialogue, which, in a 63,000 word novel probably amounts to quite a lot of mistakes, which, I’m told, is offputting to potential editors. 

I mentioned that I was flirting with the idea of self publishing, and I was strongly discouraged against it. (Is that a double negative? Idk, basically they said self publishing = bad) although the advantage of self publishing is that it’s really really easy to do, you get none of the advantages of a traditionally published novel. 

  1. Properly edited. 
  2. Publicity. 

That’s it, mainly. But those are pretty big things. It’s potentially the difference between making a fiver off a book or making a living. So maybe I’ll have to rethink my self-pub strategy.

Until tomorrow: watch your punctuation.


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