March 9th 2016

Today at work (waiter, restaurant) a man in a Fire Department uniform asked me if we did military discount, or if not, if we did NHS discount. Which we don’t. But I gave him a student discount, and we got talking. 

He’s in the army and volunteers for the NHS and the Fire department between deployments. He is a God amongst mortals and an angel amongst men. (The first sentence of this paragraph was what he told me, I added the second sentence) 

How could I possibly refuse him a discount? What do those damn students do for us, anyway? Leave beer cans and fag butts all over the streets, that’s what. I say this as a former student. But if they deserve discount then so does he. I’d’ve offered him by own personal 50% discount if I didn’t almost get fired last time I tried that. Whilst we’re on the subject, don’t tell my boss, and if you are my boss, then I’ve made this entire post up. 

Now that the litigation is covered, moving on. 

I have a lot of respect for the military, in fact, that’s not true. I have a lot of respect for soldiers/servants in the military. I think the higher up you look the more twisted it all gets, and it’s the higher ups that make the brutal/fatal decisions that the lower downs have to action, and that’s a very flawed system wherein one party loses control of their own conscience and just acts on instruction. 

Wait. Where was I?

Soldiers. Anyway. 

People who are willing to give up their lives to protect and serve others are people to be admired. I don’t know what this bloke did in the army. He could’ve been an engineer, or a nurse, or a dinner lady. But if you take a career and choose to enter the army with it, then you’ve got my respect, if that’s worth anything. Although, I guess it is worth something. It’s worth 20% discount, I guess. 

And if you’re also a volunteer for the NHS and the fire department then you’re probably worth at least 30% discount. 

Until tomorrow, protect and serve. 


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