March 10th 2016

Today I finally got around to swapping the files from my old laptop to my new one. I’ve always stored and saved files, but I’ve never really sorted them. So dashed all over were random folders that I couldn’t even remember being there. 

I found a folder full of videos I had recorded on my very first camera phone. I’d made a basketball trickshots video in the street outside my house. I was 12 at the time. 

I’d made a stop motion/magic trick/optical illusion/whatever video on the trampoline, wherein I paused the recording and continued it half a second later to make it seem as if the bouncer had disappeared.  

 I found photos from my skiing trip in year 9.

I found pieces of homework I’d written for English class in year 7. When I was 11. Half my life ago. 

I found my application letter for head boy. My original CV. Love letters I’d sent my girlfriend during school (the same girl I’m with now) in fact, she’ll probably kill me for this but I found this picture of her and I want it immortalised on the internet forever.  (Please note, she’s 14/15 there)

I found screenshots of text conversations from years ago. I found the card (and letter) I made for my sisters 18th birthday whilst she was in Australia. 

I basically just had a massive session of reminiscing. Some of that stuff happened 10/12 years ago. Most of it id completely forgotten about. 

I’m happy I have all these files, and pictures. The next step is to curate them into some sort of logical filing system, but they’ll always be there. It’s part of the same reason why I continue to post these blogs every day, I’m building a scrapbook of my life. And finding these forgotten troves adds to the scrapbooks past, and it allows me to look back and reminisce. 

10/12 years from now I could look back at this blog post and see all of those photos and then it really would’ve been a lifetime away. I’d be looking 20 years into the past. 


I love the Internet, and what it allows us to do. I can’t see myself being organised enough to keep photo albums or (traditional) diaries. Instead I have an iCloud and OneDrive backup of all of my photos, and I have a WordPress blog. 

Until tomorrow, funny generation, this. 


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