March 11th 2016

Today I continued my project of transporting every photo I’ve ever taken onto one machine. And today was the turn of my iPhone. 

I’ve acquired various backups of my phone from different periods of time, and photos I thought I’d deleted are somehow still there, so it’s nice that those memories are safe. But when they were all imported into one place I then started the task of sorting them into the correct places. 

I sorted them into the subcategories “Alice” “Misc” “Travelling” “University” (they’re all pretty self explanatory, right?) which, let me tell you, took fucking ages. They aren’t grouped particularly well because they’ve all got randomly generated image names, so there’s no real way of sorting them alphabetically or by location or anything, (that I could find, at least) so I basically had to go through one by one and decide what category each photo belonged in. And any photos I couldn’t categorise went into the miscellaneous folder for sorting at a later date. 

Today’s photos were all one that id taken on my phone (or saved to my phone via screenshot or something) so what I found is that all the photos are very momentary. I don’t know if that’s a word. What I mean is that they’re all photos that were taken within a split decision of getting my phone out. And that’s something that smart phones allow us to do, to always be able to document something through picture, video, or audio, and share it immediately via Twitter, FaceTime, YouTube. 

So that’s what a lot of the pictures are, pictures that were taken or saved in the moment that don’t make a lot of sense without context. Unless I can remember why the photo was taken or why it’s relevant, then the photo isn’t much good to me. But I didn’t want to delete it so if I couldn’t decide what the photo was about, I’d just ‘misc’ it. 

You flick through your mums photo album and it’s basically just a roll of film printed out from start to finish. Every photo is thought through, and staged, and positioned. Scroll through my camera roll and there’s 10 attempts at the same photo, screenshots, video, random bits of information that was probably useful or important at the time. 

The traditional photo album has its advantages, because everything is relevant and there’s a story told from start to finish, yada yada. But there’s something appealing in the chaotic camera roll that shows almost an inner monologue, if I sort it by date I can see what I was thinking, not just what I was doing. 

In the moment every picture was obviously important enough to be saved/taken, but after time it sort of loses its importance. But if you look through them all you can see what was important to me day to day. It’s interesting. 

Until tomorrow, it’s interesting to me, at least. 


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