March 12th 2016

Today my girlfriend and I took a walk around our special place. It’s basically just a big hill that has a chalk horse embedded into the side of it. We always go there for walks because on a clear day you can see all across the county. 

We sat next to the horse and discussed the future, and what our plans are, and where we’re going. And she gave me a bit of a kick up the arse about my current career path, and how I am capable of more. And we had a discussion about the financial implications of moving in together. And we resolved a lot of issues. The main thing was that at the moment, she works days and I work nights, which means that we can never see each other. So I’m going to swap my shifts around to see her more often, because it’s not nice, only seeing her once a week. Especially after spending 3 months in each other’s pockets when we were travelling. 

I need a new job. She needs a new job. She needs to pass her driving test. We need to move out. We talked through our plan and we’re both a bit happier now. It was tricky before, because not only do we rarely see each other, but we rarely speak to each other either. So we hadn’t even been able to talk through the problems, or how we could remedy them. 

And we sat there, looking at the horizon, and we were together. And that was all that mattered. 

Until tomorrow, and that is all that matters. 


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