March 13th 2016 

Today Alice and I watched a film about maths. Well, I watched a film about maths whilst Alice slept next to me (she wasn’t too interested in the film about maths) it’s a film called X+Y, wherein an autistic boy competes in a Mathematics Olympiad. And they filled it with all of these complicated maths equations, and I actually knew what most of them meant. And thus I understood most of it. 

And that’s probably the first time I’ve seen any sort of complicated maths since I graduated Uni with a Maths degree. 

I didn’t like Maths at Uni because it was too theoretical and not practical enough. I like being able to use formulae, not derive them. So since I’ve started job searching I’ve ignored the Maths degree, basically. I’ve searched for things that interest me: creative writing, copywriting, digital content. And I’ve searched for jobs that may include a mathematical element in analysing and interpreting data. 

That’s the goal, to do something I enjoy that’s creative but still uses my skills learnt through those years I spent learning maths and accumulating debt. 

I have one possible job opportunity in the pipeline, apart from that I’ve put off the job search since I was rejected after my last interview. But I’d like to start the search again. Because I had a bad day at my current work (waiter, restaurant) and I just want a proper, real, and good job. For now at least. Until I can figure out if I’m a good enough writer to make a job out of it. 

Until then I have an impressive degree behind me, good ambition and no experience in my desired field. So it’ll be hard, and I may lose my ability to be picky, but I’m confident that I can find a job that I’ll enjoy, and one that will be good for me. 

Until tomorrow, X plus Y equals what. 


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