March 17th 2016

Today I won a grand total of £0 at Cheltenham horse races. As in, I left Cheltenham horse races with the exact amount of money that I arrived with. 

I won a few bets, the most notable one being a £40 win (all profit), and I lost a few bets (no bets higher than £10), and cumulatively, including food and drink and trains, I have the same amount of notes in my wallet as I did 12 hours and 7 races ago. 
So really I just had a fun day at the races for free. 

I’m not a betting man, I once put £20 into a betting account during a World Cup and didn’t win a single bet, so I didn’t really know what I was doing today. To be fair, no one does. I just put money on the favourite, and 4 times out of 7, it was correct. That was the strategy I’d told myself I’d stick to, and it worked. I had two slots in my wallet, the betting slot and the winnings slot, and whenever I collected my winnings from a successful bet, it was put into the winning slot and forgotten about. 

I’m happy that I’m clever enough to know when to stop, but I can see why some people don’t. It’s so easy to think “if I put a fiver on that will get me £20, but if I put £50 on that will get me £200” and that’s when it gets dangerous. 

Or when you get a winning bet, you don’t classify that money as your money. You think “this is money I didn’t have, so if I lose it betting then I’ve not really lost anything” but that’s not true. If you had that £50, then you lose it, then you’ve lost £50. To me, that’s simple. But to some, it’s addictive. 

Until tomorrow, I broke even. 


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