March 16th 2016

Today I got on a train for the first time since I got back from travelling. 

I needed to get to Cardiff because I’m going to Cheltenham races with my Uni friends tomorrow. I was gonna drive, but it seemed easier, cheaper, and quicker to get the train. So I did. 

Trains are such a relaxing way to travel. Once I finally got a seat I just sat there and read a book for an hour as I was transported from one country to another. Driving requires concentration. Not that I’d fly to Cardiff, but planes require too much hassle checking in and checking out, security and what not. Trains you hop on, get a seat, and hop off. 

Lovely jubbly. The great western railway is pretty efficient, to be fair. 

They’re not even that expensive, when you factor in petrol, car degradation costs and the fact that for some reason I have to pay a Frenchman £6.50 to cross a bridge then it’s probably cheaper to get the train too. 

I’m going back in that direction on the train as well. 

Until tomorrow, off to the races. 


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