March 18th 2016

Today I am feeling the effects of two days of eating poorly and drinking heavily. In the past 36 hours I’ve eaten, in no particular order, and with no discernible nutritional values: Subway, KFC, Kebab, Pizza, Burger, Greggs. 

For liquids I have survived off coffee and vodka, only not at the same time. 

I can feel, and hear my insides struggling to digest two days of nothing but fast food for breakfast lunch and dinner, and I am not feeling okay. 

I am not a healthy eater insofar as I don’t eat fruit, I’m picky with veg, and I avoid salad, but I don’t think I’m usually a bad eater. I don’t snack on chocolate or crisps, I tend to stick to three main meals a day. And when I do eat, it’s not usually crappy stuff. Although the nature of my work (waiter, restaurant, evenings) makes it hard to eat proper dinners, I try my best. 

But today and yesterday I just needed quick convenient food because I was busy at Cheltenham races, and in Cardiff with Uni friends. And now my intestines feel funny, and I didn’t even know you could feel your intestines but I can now. 

Until tomorrow, does anyone have any broccoli? 


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