Match 23rd 2016

Today, that’s one of the few times this year I haven’t had to check the date before starting to write a blog post. Because today is my Mums birthday, so I’m not allowed to forget what the date is today. 

Anyway, we had a nice day, I think, but I guess I am not the measurer of that. She is. Her present from me is to arrive (o dos get her some flowers though) when my sister does, as it’s a joint deal, so we skipped the present giving part of the birthday and went to Costa where I treated her and Dad to lunch.

Mum and I popped down to see my Nan (dads mum) and Grandad (dads dad) for an hour or so whilst my dad went off to work, and in the evening we went to dinner with me, mum, dad, Kirstyn (sister), grandma (mums mum), and grandad (mums dad). 

(I’ll insert a family photo here when I eventually get it off mums phone in the morning) 

We had a lovely meal, with lovely food and lovely people.  

And on the way home I dropped in and got to see Alice (girlfriend) for two minutes, just to pick up something. 

And within one day I got to see (almost) all of my favourite people. (Sorry, Genine (sister)) 

I got to talk with all of my grandparents, laugh with Kirstyn (sorry Genine), lunch with my parents, and even sneak in a kiss with Alice. 

And it was wonderful. 

And it was family. 

Until tomorrow, happy birthday, Mum. 



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