March 25th 2016

Today I’m on an Easter weekend holiday with my girlfriend and her family.  

 We’re in an apartment by the coast, if I turned to my right I could see the sea from outside of the window. Actually, I couldn’t, that’s a lie. It’s 10pm and pitch black. Earlier on in the day it looked like this…

We’ve stayed in this exact apartment before. Alice’s family have been staying here for years, it’s their holiday home away from home that they rent every Easter. I’ve stayed here either once or twice previously, I can’t remember. 

Staying in this apartment again brought out a quirk in my brain/memory/personality. 

It’s been, I think, 3 years since I was last in this apartment, but when we arrived, I could remember the passcode for the Wifi without having to check. 

I could remember the passcode for wifi I last used 3 years ago. 

I can’t remember what colour socks I am wearing. 

My brain works in very strange ways. 

It remembers useless shite like wifi codes, bank card numbers, and payroll ID’s, but I’ll forget conversations I had with my girlfriend earlier in the day. I’ll forget where I put my passport. I’ll forget how to drive from my house to a friends house without the use of a satnav. 

It seems that what I am good at is remembering strings of letters, and numbers. Codes. But nothing useful. 

I’d love to be able to quote phrases from books or films that would make me seem deep and interesting, but I’m incapable. The day after I’ve watched a film I can barely remember the plot, let alone individual quotes or phrases. 

It’s annoying, really. I mean, it’s air quotes impressive that I can remember a wifi code from 3 years ago, but it’s fucking useless, practically. 

I literally can’t remember a single thing I learnt at University and I am only being slightly exaggerative. (No idea if that is a word)  success in my maths degree relied solely on my ability to remember formulae, theorems, and page long proofs. And could I do it? Not really. I struggled.

All I had to do was remember something for three days, write it down, and then forget about it. But could I do that? Nope. 

But thank fuck I can remember a wifi code from three years ago. 

Until tomorrow, 78ccb33348. 


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