March 26th 2016

Today I went to an amusement arcade by the beach. It’s the same one I went to last year when we were on holiday here. I wrote this blog post about how I spent £11 on one of them prize grabbing machines and didn’t even win a prize. 

I walked into the arcade today and won a prize with my first one pound coin. 

Say hello to Finnick!

He’s from the film Zootropolis, which I actually saw last week. 

I was so happy when I won him, it made up for constant losing last year. I even had a crowd of people around me watching me play, and they cheered when he dropped down that ‘prize-hole’

It’s funny, because I wasn’t even aiming for him. My hand slipped off the button and didn’t go as far as I was planning, so the claw went down and grabbed Finnick. 

However much is cost me, I was determined to walk away from the machine with a prize, I’m just glad it cost one pound instead of eleven. That’s another weird quirk of my personality, random repetitive things like that really motivate me and I suddenly have to succeed in it. Like winning the prize from a machine, or throwing a ball into a cup, I have to have to complete the task before stopping. It’s weird, because one of the things I dislike about myself the most is that I’m lazy and unmotivated for things that matter. 

Maybe I just need some kind of positive reinforcement training wherein I’m rewarded with a stuffed animal every time I complete a task. Because that’s a completely normal thing for a human to do. 


Until tomorrow, work harder. 


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