April 1st 2016

Today we’ve found that the best way to move forward with our lives is to carry on as normal. I think, as a family, we would all rather be doing something, distracting ourselves, carrying on with our days as normal rather than sat around grieving and crying. 

As such, today has been a reasonably normal day. We worked. We studied. We cleaned. We had a nice family dinner. We went to the cinema. We carried on with our plans. Everything was normal. 

There is an air of awareness around us, we are continuing with our days with a dark cloud above us. And only now and then do we let it consume us, and when it does we huddle close together and form a shield from the cloud. 

Because we’re all going through the same thing, and we’re all dealing with it in slightly different ways, but we’re all dealing with it together. 

Until tomorrow, carry on as normal, carry on as Normans. 


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