April 3rd 2016

Today I am uploading this post from my brand new computer. The third brand new computer I’ve had since the start of March. I think this one will stick around, though. Here is an unboxing montage gallery.

My problem with the previously brand new computers was that they were slow and whatevertheoppositeofpowerfulis. And the reason they were slow and unpowerful is because they were cheap. My budget was low and thus my machine was poor. So, instead, I decided to invest in a Macbook Pro. And I looooove it. It’s so pretty and fast and pretty. It’s also really pretty.

Obviously, with prettiness comes price, and it was expensive, but you pay for quality and you get what you pay for. It’s thrice the price of the previous machines that I bought but I got a few good discounts on it. Plus, it’s an investment for the next 10 years. That’s what I’m telling myself, at least. (this paragraph serves mainly as one just to appease my parents)

I’m hoping that having this “all singing all dancing” (as my Dad labelled it) machine will facilitate and encourage my creativity. Because no longer am I limited by technology. Any previous video’s I’d made documenting my travels around europe were done on my iPhone, I now have both the hardware and the software to edit them properly. I have the complete sum of human engineering, knowledge, ingenuity and technology at my fingertips and it only cost £700 + VAT. Bargain.

As well as improved videos, I hope that having this machine will re-ignite my hopes of becoming a professional writer. Because typing on this thing makes me seem far more official and creative, in my opinion.

All in all I’m very happy with my purchase, it’s just a shame that I really need to go to sleep because all I want to do is stay up and play with my new toy.

Until tomorrow, thanks Steve & co.





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