April 4th 2016

Today I became a bit more desperate in my search for stimulating employment as I dragged the “distance” slider on my job search apps from “within 3 miles” to “within 30 miles”. Quantifiably, I became 1000% more desperate, and, as such, I have a meeting with a lady about a job on Thursday. So at least the desperation paid off. I also lowered the “accuracy” slider from “High” to “Medium”, then regretted it so put it back up to high.

I’ve been actively looking for a job for four months now, and until today I’ve always been quite picky. I actually turned down a job that was literally offered to me partly because it was too far away. And now, I’m applying for jobs even further away. Another reason I didn’t accept that original job was because it didn’t really interest me, and perhaps now I’ve realised that maybe that isn’t so important right now. Right now I need to get a foot on a ladder. I need to kiss a couple of fish before I catch a shark. And other nonsense metaphors.

But some jobs that I’ve applied for do seem interesting, and I haven’t lost complete hope yet. I had imagined that I’d’ve found my dream job by now, but I’ve always been a bit idealistic. And picky.

Anyway, having to commute will make it seem more like a REAL job. Whatever that means.

Until tomorrow, I can’t wait to have a real job. I think.


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