April 9th 2016

Today we sat down to a family game of Scrabble. A wild Saturday night, I know. It was Alice and I against my Mum and Dad. We lost the first one, but won the second. Probably a fair result. Since we’d arranged the match I fancied our chances, I’m a pretty handy Scrabble player. 

I used to play a lot of Scrabble with my Nan . We’d play it against each other on our smart phones, and at the beginning she beat me every time. Towards the end of our competition I’d win more that I lost. 

Every time I saw her we’d analyse in depth the outcome of our previous game, much to the dismay of everyone else in the conversation. Wordfeud/Scrabble was our thing, and we bored everyone by endlessly talking about it. 

It was nice to play it again today. Although we were both playing to win we were also very proud of the other person when they got high scoring words. It was lovely. And I miss it. And I miss her. 

I hope she’d be proud of me for playing a word that used all 7 of my letters, today. “unamused” for 121 points won Alice and I the second match. 

When we played we never went for big words, we’d always aim for the “XI” “Qi” “Zo” on an appropriately placed triple letter score, we’d aim for the small high scoring words more so than the long lower scoring words. it made the board cramped and tricky to operate with. But that’s how we played, it was a tactical, mental battle, and she was a wonderful and worthy opponent. She was a wonderful lady. 

Until tomorrow, triple word score. 


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