April 10th 2016

Today I uploaded a video that I’ve been working on since last weekend. On Saturday Alice and I took a mini-road trip/photography mission and ended up at this windmill farm. (Blog from that day ) it was a really idyllic and beautiful location, and I wanted to capture the day, and capture her, mainly. 

So I recorded various clips from the day and spliced them together into a video. This is hardly a new and revolutionary concept, I don’t know why I’m explaining it but anyway. 

I’ve made no secret of the fact that my main purpose of keeping this blog is as so it can serve as a complete documentation of my life, in case one day I forget things. Eventually I’ll have a daily collection of posts from 5, 10, – fuck it – 40 years. But sometimes words aren’t enough. I’m not a good enough writer to describe a day like that with a girl like her. And a pictures worth a 1000 words, right? So a videos probably worth at least 5000. 

And now that day, and how she looked, and how she laughed, and how she walked, is forever immortalised in film. And I like that. Because when my memory of the day fades, which I’m sure it will, I’ll still have that video to remind me. And I’ll still have this blog. 

And when I’m old, and senile, and crazy, I’ll be reminded of what it was like when I was young and in love. 

You know, unless some kind of electronic doomsday virus wipes out the whole of the Internet and everything is destroyed, or more appropriately, deleted. 

But I don’t expect that to happen any time soon. 

Until tomorrow, you can watch the video here


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