April 17th 2016

Today, and for some reason for the last few days, I woke up really early. This morning I woke up at 6am, rolled around for a bit until I decided I was awake without any chance of returning to slumber any time soon. 19 hours later I’m still awake. I’ve not had too strenuous or productive a day. After I got up I spent 3 hours playing football manager on my phone whilst I waited for Alice to wake up, we went out for lunch, watched a film, I went to work for 7.5 hours. 

I’ve had more productive days this week but few as long. And I’m not even that tired. 

Usually my sleep schedule is 2am-10am. Because of the fact that I mainly work in the evenings, I have no real need to get up early. So I’ll wake at 10 and not rise until 12, and I’ve wasted the morning. 

On Friday I woke up at 7 and decided to run a half marathon. This morning, granted, I woke up at 6 and played games on my phone for three hours, but I was still up. It was still time I could be doing things. 

It got me thinking, if I were to change my sleep schedule to 2am-7am, and only rely on 5 hours sleep, then I have 3 extra waking hours every day. I have a weird relationship with sleep wherein I think it’s a waste of productive time but I also really like doing it. 

3 extra waking hours a day gives 21 extra hours in a week. That’s almost a whole extra day gained in a week just by waking up early. It’s cheating the calendar, really. Instead of 366 days this year, I’d end up with over 400 theoretical days. 

This all sounds like bollocks, right? But it makes sense to me. 

If I get up earlier every day I can transform a 7 day week into an 8 day week. And then suddenly I have a whole 15% extra time awake in one week. In 21 hours I could run 126 miles. I could write 21,000 words of a novel. I could earn over £200. I could read 3 books. I could complete eight hundred and forty Rubik’s cubes. Imagine the possibilities.

Until tomorrow, all it requires is setting an alarm. 


4 thoughts on “Alarm

  1. I have a train to catch so that’s a pretty good motivator. Maybe take an early class at the gym or meet someone for a run. Any excuse to get you out of the house,not just out of bed.


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