April 24th 2016

Today I opened a betting account. Gulp.

My cousin and I always discuss his various bets and accumulators for the weekends sport, so I thought I’d make my own account.

I got into betting once before, during the last World Cup, I put a tenner into an account and placed one pound bets until I no longer had any money in the account. For me it wasn’t just about the opportunity to make money, it makes sport interesting again for me. The team I support are fucking shite at the moment, so it’ll do me well to ‘support’ other teams insofar as I want them to win because I’ve bet on them to do so.

Such was the case that at work today I kept going out the back to check the scores, I was checking the French League, The Scottish Second Division, the FA Cup, usually these games are nothing to me: the only important game to me is the one in which ‘my’ team are playing. (and kind of their competitors, but we can’t win anything anymore so we don’t really have competitors) So now I can find solace and enjoyment and excitement from somewhere else in football other than Arsenal.

Although, saying that… My bet today was a ten-fold accumulator, and Arsenal were the first team I had down to win. They didn’t win. My bet had failed before any of the other matches had kicked off.

So far my record is played 2, won one, lost one. I’m £2.50 up. Result!

Of course it’d be nice to win big money, but to win big money you usually have to bet big money. Until then, I just want to make football interesting and enjoyable again. I’m just going to plod along with my tenner winning some and losing some and actually caring about other results.

The problem though, is that I’ve suddenly decided to start betting on football with 3 games of the season left. So my opportunity has passed, by now. And I don’t know anything about other sports.

Until tomorrow, never bet on your own team.



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