April 26th 2016

Today was my Dads fiftysomethingth birthday. 

Here is a stop motion sequence of him blowing out his candles. 

(You’ll notice, if you look close enough, that there are not fiftysomething candles on the cake)

For his birthday I got him the complete James Bond collection. 23 films. If we commit some time each week to watching one film it will take us almost half a year to complete. Blimey. 

We gave him a relaxed birthday, I think. Mum cooked a special dinner, I took him out for lunch. We didn’t want to do anything too extravagant. 

My card would usually be soppy and serious, but this year, instead, I made it funny by filling it with a load of puns based on the names of James Bond films. (Easier than you’d think) 

I think this year was just about making him smile, which I hope I at least accomplished in some ways. 

He knows we appreciate him, he knows that I think he’s the strongest and hardest working man I know. I didn’t need to tell him that, today I just needed to hug him and tell him Happy Birthday. 

Until tomorrow, Happy Birthday, Dad. 


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