April 25th 2016

Today my Grandad and I traded favours. By that I mean that I did him a favour, and then he did me a favour, and thus the cycle repeated until we’d both accomplished our respective tasks for the day with the help of the other. Although really, it was more… I did a bunch of stuff for him, and then he did a bunch of stuff for me.

I went first.

I went round his at about 10.30 this morning, he’d asked me to put some things on eBay for him, so I did that. He was shocked when I told him that I didn’t need his computer, and that it would be easier for me to do on my phone. I listed a couple of bunches of scorecards, and a cookbook. Favour 1 done.IMG_3475.JPG

I then showed him how to create contacts on his email account so he didn’t have to remember the email addresses. Favour 2 done.

Then, together, we used a chainsaw to trim his overgrown apple tree in the back garden. He wouldn’t let me be the one to use the chainsaw, because he’d promised my Dad that he wouldn’t let me hurt myself, so instead I had to hold the ladder whilst he messed about in the trees. Eventually the job required someone taller, so I scaled the ladder and trimmed the trees. Favour 3 done.

I showed him how to do full stops on his phone. Favour 4 done.

Then, to stop his chiminea from flooding, I drilled a hole in the bottom of it, and thus, shortly after using a chainsaw for only the second time, I used a motorised drill for the first time in my life. Today was all about being a bloke. Favour 5 done.



Then, whilst Grandad mowed the lawns (that being more of a one-man job) I returned to the computer and set about my task of finding this certain photo of my Nan. Grandad says he see’s it pop up occasionally on the rolling screensaver, but he doesn’t know where it is. I found it, I think (and so does he). I made a mental note to, at some point, both back-up and organise his pictures into something resembling order. Favour 6 done.


Then, we left the house for favour 6. I drove and he directed us to this construction site near his house where they’re building a bridge. I’m told that the bridge only leads to farm land, but requires a load-bearing weight of 44 tonnes. Neither of us understands why a bridge to a farm needs to hold 44 tonnes, but apparently it’s something to do with the EU. My job is to investigate and write a strongly worded email to the Daily Mail about it. Favour 7 done. Kinda.


He then got me to stop in the middle of the road so I could take a photo of a horse and foal, but that was for both of us. Favour 7.5 done.


Then, we swapped roles and he started repaying the favours.

After we left the bridge we drove to a burger van and he bought me a bacon roll. Favour 1 repaid. Although, he did direct me down a road that strictly said “NO PUBLIC ACCESS”, “Bollocks to it,” he said. “Your Grandad says it’s okay so it’s okay.”

We drove to the driving range where I hit 30 balls and he tweaked my swing, and coached me into a better one. Favour 2 repaid.

After the driving range he taught me how to putt. We played golf last week and the only thing that let me down was my putting. So he’s going to teach me that side of the game. Favour 3 repaid.

Whilst we were out driving (car, not golf club) my indicator kept playing up. It would, at seemingly random intervals, start indicating left, and to cancel it, I would have to indicate right. Which made it look like I was going to be driving all over the place, and it was also bloody annoying. When we got home Grandad got out one of his screwdriver sets (because what self respecting grandfather doesn’t have at least one screwdriver set hidden in the garage?) and then got out his other set because “The damn French don’t like you getting inside the car yourself” He popped off my steering wheel (because what self respecting grandfather can’t pop off a steering wheel at will?” and started fiddling with the fuses and the wires. After diagnosing the problem, he phoned his mate at the local Car-Breakers-Dismantlers-Skip-Recylers-Garage (I told you we had a bloke-y day) and asked if he had any spare indicator levers for a Peugeot 206 (damn French). They did, apparently, and we got my indicator fixed. Favour 4 repaid. And he paid for some of it too. Favour 5 repaid.


I’ll let him off the other 2.5 favours, because he’s a great bloke and I love spending time with him. He makes me laugh, and we get on well. I don’t do things for him to get favours in return, that’s just how our day worked out today, I like that I can help him with things, and I think he liked being able to help me. It makes us both feel useful, and it keeps him busy, which is important at the moment.

Until tomorrow, do me a favour, would you?


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