April 27th 2016

Today it is confirmed. I booked a holiday with Alice. We leave for Dubrovnik, Croatia in just over 2 weeks time. Between then and now I have 2 other holidays booked. On Friday I go to Italy with my family, on the 11th I go to Amsterdam with some friends. I think May will be my favourite month of the year so far.

May 1st will signify six months since I got back from my summer interrail journey travelling around Europe. So it’s apt that May for me will be full of travel. I miss it. I miss waking up in a different bed every four days. I miss being amazed every single day. I miss the food. I miss the sun. I miss the sheer indescribable bliss that that was our life and we were living it together.

The next three weeks will placate my longing somewhat, but I’ll still want to go again. I do now, and I will even more after the trips this month. We both miss it, that’s why we booked this trip as soon as we discovered it would be feasible. Strangely, although we’ve visited 13 countries together, we’ve never been on a flight with each other. Our summer’s journey was by train. The trip to Dubrovnik will be our first time flying together.

Alice has warned me that she’s like a little kid in an airport because she gets so excited, and I will be too. Because I love travelling, and it’s all I want to do but to travel you need money and to get money you need to work, and where you work won’t be what you want to do, because what you (& I) want to do is travel, but to travel you need money and so on, and so on, forever and ever, amen.

The ultimate goal is to find a way in which I can get paid whilst I travel. And, I mean, that’s possible, it just requires certain skills, hard work, and a bit of luck. And only one of those things do I have any control over. Until the point where someone hands me a contract that allows me to do everything I want and get paid one million pound a year to travel around and fuck about, I have to have a real job and a real life and all that other boring stuff. And that’s depressing because it’s necessary.

The next 4 weeks will be fun, and then I need to commit some time into some very un-fun things, like getting a job, to fund the next time I want to do fun things.

Until tomorrow, and then that cycle will repeat forever and ever, amen.


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