April 29th 2016

Today we drove to London in preparation for our first family holiday in seven years. Or, our first flight together in 10 years. The reason for this is because my Dad is self-employed, and has been for the past 9 or so years. As a consequence of this it means that he cannot have a day off. The only time he gets off are bank holidays, he work every single other day of the year. There’s no way he can just ‘book time off’ and go on holiday for a week, that’s not an option for him. He’s a hard worker, my Dad. He and Mum go away in their motorhome as many weekends as they can, but it’s not the same. This weekend we’re taking advantage of the bank holiday weekend and flying to Lake Maggiore, Italy. Where we will stay until Monday.

We have a weeks worth of plans to fit into three days, mountain treks, swimming, Michelin star restaurants. This is the food at one of the restaurants we’re going to.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 22.20.09.png

Fancy, ain’t it?

We’re all really excited. It should be ace.

There’s supposed to be a thunderstorm tomorrow, where we’re going. So that’s a bit shit.

Our flight’s at 7:10am tomorrow morning, so tonight we’re staying at my sisters apartment in London, and then travelling up together tomorrow morning. She has a one bedroom apartment with a sofabed. There’s five of us. This is my bed for the night.


A nice comfy sofa cushion. I’m six foot tall. I don’t imagine I’ll be getting much sleep tonight.

Until tomorrow, viaggio sicuro, which, I’m reliably informed means ‘Bon Voyage’ in Italian.


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