May 3rd 2016

Today my Mum and Dad replaced my old bedroom with an office. They took out my bed and put a desk in its place. 

I still live in the house, I just live in a different room than I used to. They aren’t making me sleep on the floor or anything. 

The purpose behind them installing a desk in that room was to give my sister a place to study for the next few weeks. Shortly she begins her final (hopefully) set of exams as a Med student. So, to facilitate her study, my parents have made her her own little library in my old bedroom. 

When she went out for the evening I commandeered the desk. 

My favourite thing about my Uni house was my desk. It gave me somewhere where I could sit up, fully concentrate, and be productive. The alternative was to lay in bed with a laptop on my lap (oh, so that’s why it’s called a laptop) That is far too comfortable a position to do anything productive, so I always chose to work at my desk. 

Now that I’ve finished uni I’ve had no real need for a desk, because I’ve not been doing anything productive. Or maybe, I’ve not been doing anything productive because I’ve not had access to a desk. 

On the rare occasions I’ve done ‘work’ since leaving uni, when I’ve taken on the task of editing the draft of my first novel, or when I’ve created video diaries of my European summer travels, I’ve headed up to my local Costa Coffee Shop and set up an office there. 

This helped me be far more productive than if I were just led in bed with my laptop. And maybe the desk will have the same effect. Maybe having it there will encourage me to finish the edit, or finish the videos, or write a new book, or maybe I’m limping too much responsibility onto something inanimate and in fact the real reason for my lack of productivity is because I’m a lazy piece of shit and like to find excuses that prove that nothing is my fault. 

The desk is, of course, firstly used for aiding with Kirstyn’s exam study. But I’m sure I can use it when she’s not, and maybe it will help me do something. Help me be something. 

This evening I just used it to sit there and play Football Manager comfortably, but I hope to be more productive now I have an office space. 

Until tomorrow, are you sitting comfortably? 


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