May 2nd 2016

Today it’s 1am and I’m on the motorway and my flight was delayed and I want to sleep and I can’t really be arsed to tell you, whoever you are, about my day so I’m just going to show you. 

Let’s go. 

I’m in Italy, or, in fact, I was in Italy. Lake Maggiore, Baveno. 

This is our first family holiday in 7 years. 

The view from our balcony was RIDICULOUS. 

We started the day with coffee at a 5-star hotel and the view was RIDICULOUS. 

We got a boat ride to Isola Bella (Beautiful Island) 

We saw this man, and his art. And life is simple when you think about it. 

We drove to Lake Orta for dinner. (With VIEWS

I did some poncy posed pondering on top of a pole. 

We wandered about. 

We drove to the airport and got delayed and got on a flight and got delayed and arrived at Gatwick and got delayed and we’re not even home yet and good night. 

Until tomorrow, happy holidays. 


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