May 4th 2016 

Today I researched what it takes to find a literary agent to represent you during the course of getting a novel published. 

Turns out, not that much. 

After you’ve finished your completed novel (admittedly quite a big deal) you just send an email with either the whole thing, or the first bit, or sometimes even just a synopsis to a literary agent. And you can find them just by Googling, or looking in ‘The Writer’s And Artists Yearbook’ which is just like the yellow pages for publishing types. 

That’s basically all you do. You send the email and then you wait. For some reason I assumed there would be a load of meetings and phone calls and printing and posting, and cost. I assumed there would be cost. But, instead, all it takes is an email – and 6-8 weeks. 

If you (or I) are (am) successful then the agent will get back to you (me). 

It’s like when you apply for a job; no news is bad news. If they respond to you, it’s usually with good news. 

So perhaps that’s something I could start doing. I could do with adding a bit more rejection to my life. 

I keep getting rejected by jobs, as in, I don’t hear back from jobs that I’ve applied for – which is basically a rejection. So I’m used to it by now. It’d be good to implement a different kind of non-responsive rejection. Mix it up a bit. 

So one thing I need to do – tomorrow, maybe – is create the query letter that has to be sent with the manuscript. Again: it’s just like applying for a job. Instead of sending a CV and covering letter selling myself, I’m sending a querying letter selling my book. 

After that all I have to do is sit and wait. 

And wait.

And wait. 

Until tomorrow, and then panic because I’ve not heard anything and ultimately spiral into a manic depressive self loathing state because of the string of non-responsive rejections. 


9 thoughts on “Agent

  1. Yeah, it’s that easy… But did you look into writing a query letter? Wow is there information on that! I think writing my query will take longer than the novel… And an exciting synopsis? I’m dreading that. Good luck! Enjoy waiting 😦


    1. There’s actually loads of really helpful things online. When you get to the stage where you need to think about a query letter, let me know and I’ll send you the links. Until then, the very best of luck.

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  2. Have you checked out Best place to find agents and keep track of all queries you send out.Good luck!


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