May 5th 2016

Today I finally completed one of my many, many projects.

Almost 9 months ago I set 0ff on an interrailing trip around Europe with my girlfriend. As a way to remember/document the trip, I pledged to make, record, edit and upload a video log/diary every day of my travels. And, for the whole time, I stuck to the ‘recording’ part. To begin with, I’d record the footage on my iPhone and then edit it together into a video on iMovie at night, then I’d upload it to YouTube whilst I slept so that my family back home could see what I was up to. This worked well until my phone started to run out of storage, so then I bought a camera (technically I brought three camera’s before I bought the one that worked perfectly with my setup) I needed to be able to send the video clips from the camera to my phone, wirelessly. Eventually I got a camera sorted, but by then I was a few days behind on releasing the videos. No bother, I still edited and uploaded a video every night, give or take, I was just a few days behind.

As we travelled further east in our journey the wifi speeds started to dip, drastically. And instead a one hour upload time turned into an eight hour upload, and then a sixteen, and I couldn’t leave my phone at home whilst it uploaded because I needed it for directions and stuff.

So, again, my videos were delayed. To the point where I was only uploading once per week. Soon, I was three weeks behind on the daily videos. The videos had been shot, and mostly edited, but they hadn’t been uploaded because of the wifi issue. By this point it was the end of October and our trip would soon be finishing.

When my phone eventually ran completely out of storage, I couldn’t even edit the videos any more, and definitely couldn’t upload them. A month went by without a single video released. It was now the end of November, I’d been back from travelling for 3 weeks, but my travelling videos were still stuck on day 47 out of 80. After buying a new phone (hurray for 64gb storage) and connected to proper internet (hurray for 5g internet) it was once again possible for me to edit and upload again.

Somehow it took 6 months between getting back from travelling, and finally editing the last video. I don’t really know how.

I decided I wanted to edit the videos ‘properly’ so I bought a new computer (technically I bought 2 new computers before I bought the one I’m on now) So that made me pause for a while, but I honestly don’t know how it took 6 months to edit 33 videos.

But yeah, today the project is complete. My videos are not interesting to other people now, because I’m home, but when I was away they could see and share my experiences right away. Now, it’s a bit late. Either way, I started the project, so I finished it. And I now have a complete video diary of my time interrailing around Europe. In the end it was just for me, just so I would have the complete set, but it’s nice to be able to share my experience.

If you’d like to watch the video’s, start here.

Other than that.

Until tomorrow, onto the next project.


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