May 6th 2016

Today, as I occasionally do, I went back over what I have so far for Book2. 

Book2 is currently the first 12,000 words of a 50,000 word story about mental health. Book2 is a more ambitious and difficult project than Book1 was. Book1 was a ‘sit down and write this story, it’s all planned in your head’ kinda job. Whereas Book2 needs backing up by medical facts and accuracies. And it needs to have a carefully though out progression. 

Before I’ve just sat and wrote, not needing to check anything further than the start time of American high schools. Whereas for Book2 I have to research medical conditions, and treatments, and diagnosis tools, and common practices. Fortunately, I have 5/6th’s of a doctor as a sister, and she was helpful in aiding me to figure out what I’m trying to get at, and how I’m try to say it. 

There comes a line where fiction comes above fact, but I want the fiction to be built on a foundation of facts. Does that make sense? 

So I’ve had to check most of the medical stuff I’ve done so far, and I’ll have to research everything else that is coming. 

This, as previously mentioned, makes the project more ambitious and difficult. Writing book1 was the easiest thing in the world, I just sat there and typed. Book2 is already proving a more difficult task than anything before, and I’ve barely finished a quarter of it. 

The extra bad news is that I’ve now got to work on a part-manuscript that I haven’t touched in over 6 months. I’ve forgotten how to do the voices and the tone. A couple of reading through and they should return. This is a proof of why you need a solid structured plan from the beginning. 

The good news is that when I wake up tomorrow I’ll have forgotten all about this whim that I woke up to today, and I won’t have to look at Book2 for another 6 months. 

Until tomorrow, hopefully not, of course. 



3 thoughts on “Accurate

  1. Yep I’ve done that. It’s much harder the longer you leave it. Just grit your teeth and dive back in, it will get under your skin again in no time. Also the facts will give your story authenticity but it’s a balance to not let it overshadow the narrative. Good luck!


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