May 7th 2016

Today I found out that something I co-wrote was published in the Daily Mail. Although it’s the Daily Mail, it’s still pretty cool. 

A week or so ago my Grandad asked if I could help him write a letter to the Daily Mail about some EU regulation/political thing. 

In actuality, he wrote it, I just typed it and edited it. It was a joint effort. To be fair, it was mainly him, I’m just taking part of the credit because I sent the email and changed a few words. 

I’ve been published before, I did a work placement at a national magazine in Cardiff, and I contributed a fair amount to two issues of it. It was cool seeing my name in print. And it meant that I could finally call myself a published writer. (In some senses of the term) 

What I am not (yet) is a professional writer. By definition, I only become professional when I get paid to write, and that’s not happened yet. But that’s the goal, ideally. 

As it happens, I am not a professional writer but I am a professional filmmaker because I’ve earned a grand total of 44p in Ad Revenue from videos I’ve uploaded to my YouTube channel. 

At some point I’ll be able to say that I write and get paid for it, until then the Daily Mail will have to do. 

Until tomorrow, happy birthday Kirstyn. 


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