May 9th 2016

Today I began to edit together the footage I recorded during our family holiday to Lake Maggiore, Italy, last weekend. In total, from the 72 hour trip, there was 3 hours and 40 minutes of recorded footage. Editing is going to be fun.

Very, very early on in the footage my Mum says something poignant. “I don’t want you not to be involved,” she said. “I don’t want you to spend the whole time looking through the camera.”

Obviously I’d told her that I planned to film a lot of the weekend with thoughts of making a commemorative video of our first family holiday in 7 years. I wanted to be able to remember it. She was worried that I’d be too busy with the camera that I wouldn’t be ‘in the moment’. I see it the complete other way. To me, when I’m holding a camera, if anything, I’m looking around more. I’m looking for beautiful scenes to capture, thinking ‘that would be a good photo.’ Instead of looking forward I’m looking all around. Instead of looking through the lens I’m looking panoramically, and just filming it too. It makes me see things differently. I don’t know if that’s weird.

3 hours and 40 minutes is a lot of time to be looking at a camera, mind. To be fair, a lot of that is just 20 minute videos of the clouds that will be sped up into a 5 second clip. Some of it is unusable. From the first day there was 1 hour and 40 minutes of footage. So far I’ve managed to edit that into a 22 minute video, and I’ve still gotta fit like 6 minutes of airplane-window-scenery-shots into a 30 second montage. The aim is sub-15 minutes, and then I’ll have somehow turned two hour into under a quarter of one.

I will agree that perhaps being the one holding the camera means that I’m more off-to-the-side, or trailing at the back, but that’s me anyway. The only difference is that I’ve got a camera in my hand. I’m not a very good photographer, or whatever the term for ‘one who records video’ is. I’m not great at editing, and when these videos are uploaded to YouTube they get viewed by an audience of a dozen people, but I enjoy it. And I need it. Without videos like this, and ones from my travels interrailing around Europe, I wouldn’t remember it so well. I’d forget, but the videos are there to remind me. That’s why I’ve got this blog. To remind me. To tell a daily story of my progression through life. And the videos tell a story of holidays, of travel, of family. And, for me, a holiday is better shown through video than through words.

But perhaps I’d remember better if I didn’t think about it too much, and just lived it.

Until tomorrow, swings and roundabouts.



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