May 11th 2016

Today I’m in Amsterdam with a group of friends, and I get to explore one of my personalities that I don’t get to very often.
I probably have four. I have work, home, Alice, and friends. And you’re lying if you say you’re the same person wherever you are and whoever you’re with, because you’re not. People adapt their behaviours based on company and social situations. At work I’m a bit more extroverted, but it’s fake, at home I’m a nerd, and it’s a bit realer, with friends I’m a bit ‘cooler’, and with Alice I’m James. If you thought about it, you’d be able to ascribe your own personality types to your different social circles, you just wouldn’t like to admit it. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. 

So tonight I’m the kind of guy who goes out and gets drunk, whereas usually I don’t see the attraction. 

Naturally, I’m an introvert. But at times I’m an extroverted introvert. Whilst my friends are sat around drinking, I’m writing a blog post about them sitting around drinking. 

Until tomorrow, that’s me, in my own weird way. 



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