May 15th 2016

Today we returned to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Alice and I spent a week here during our summer interrailing. Speaking of which, today I uploaded the eightieth and final video from my interrail trip. It took six and a half months to finish the project after I got home, but it’s finally finished. So that’s one less thing to worry about.

Now, I have a complete documentation of my trip. Barring some freak accident that wipes out both the YouTube servers and my two hard drives, I will forever have a video diary of that time we travelled europe together.

Without that, I’d struggle to remember what we did or where we went. It’s bad. It’s also weird, because we went to a restaurant today that we also went to when we were here in September, and I could remember the wifi password. But without my video diaries, I’d barely remember the trip itself.

This means that I can click on my playlist, and have a place where I’ve stored memories. It’s taken a lot of time, and it was a lot of work, but now that it is complete I am so happy. I’m not necessarily 100% happy with how all of the videos turned out, some are too short, some are too sloppy, some are uninteresting, some are too shaky. But for me, seeing the memories will trigger what it was like to live them.

I will also probably make one (or seven) video(s) for this week in Dubrovnik. It’s tricky because we’ve been here before, a lot of the things I’d want to film I have already done so. So it’s a challenge to make a completely new perspective on the same city.


Until tomorrow, here is the link to the playlist,


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