May 16th 2016

Today we did the city walls of Dubrovnik tour, and I got to appreciate firstly how small Dubrovnik is, and secondly how many people there are here. 

It took like an hour and a half to circumvent the entire walled city, and that was with stopping at every available photo opportunity or rest point. We even stopped for a beer.

But from up high you get to see the whole city in one view, and really it’s tiny. 

But there’s so many people. 

It loses a bit of authenticity. I think, if anything, it spoils it a little bit. The entire place is a tourism hub, the streets are lined with shops selling tacky imported I ❤ Dubrovnik merchandise, or replica Game of Thrones memorabilia. The restaurants are all the same, with the same waiters and the same menus, and they hound you down as soon as they get a sniff that you’re interested. 

“Come to my restaurant, ten percent off menu,” they say five times in the time it takes to walk down the Main Street. 

Everyone is a tourist or a worker. There don’t seem to be any locals, although on the tour of the walls you got to see where the locals live. Right on the outskirts. Although, it’s rich for me to complain about the tourists given that I am also a tourist. 

The thing is, it’s touristy and busy because it’s just so damn beautiful. It really is. And you’re willing to put up with it because all the tourists are there for the same reason that you are. It must be good if everyone goes there. 

So you forgive the tourism, because you walk around with your eyes facing up and you can’t quite believe how beautiful it is. 

Until tomorrow, I wish we had it all to ourselves. 


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