May 18th 2016

Today we took a boat ride to Lokrum, an island off the coast of Dubrovnik inhabited only by Peacocks and Bunnies. Everyone must leave the island at 6pm, no exceptions. We left at five, just in case we missed the boat.

In the time between we just wandered the island and explored. For an island so deserted, we found loads of ways to spend our time. We’d read up about this ‘Dead Sea’ wherein water from the Adriatic finds a way inland and forms this stagnant pool which is perfect for swimming. I, of course, got my snorkel out.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 23.22.41.png

We spent hours just swimming and sunbathing and sleeping, and not knowing what time it was or where we were in the world.

We moved outwards, towards the coast, and found the rocky cliffsides uncomfortable to sit on, but beautiful to behold.

And I sat there, in 25 degree Croatian heat, and I looked out towards the horizon with the Adriatic waves crashing up against the soles of my feet, I read my book, I watched my girlfriend sleep, and honestly, I can’t imagine it gets much better than that. Whatever it is, that’ll take some topping.

It was this oxymoronic relaxing adventure. I convinced Alice to climb over rocks to get to the highest point that was closest to the sea. We both swam in the water that managed to remain ice cold in the summer sun. But it was so peaceful. The only noise came from the waves and the occasional squawk of a Peacock on heat.

Today was the first time I’d ever seen a peacock do the thing in real life.


And, to top that, we saw a real life Octopus. As we were boarding the boat everyone was taking photos of the sea. I looked but couldn’t see what the fuss was about. “I dunno, tourists,” I said when Alice asked. But she looked for herself and pointed out the Octopus that I’d just assumed was an orange rock.

I’d never seen one in ‘real life’ before. I didn’t even know that was a possibility in these waters.

Until tomorrow, all I saw whilst snorkelling was a plastic bag and a crab.


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