May 19th 2016

Today the weather was pretty poor so we didn’t get a chance to do much. We tried to make the most of it, but there’s really nothing to do in Dubrovnik when the weather is poor. We walked around an art exhibition and pointed out which portraits looked like celebrities. (Notable ones including Zac Efron and Terry Wogan)

I suggested going to the beach, but apparently that’s not a thing to do when it’s raining. 

And I don’t really get that. Because if I go to the beach I’m going to swim. I don’t like sandy beaches, because sand goes everywhere. And I don’t like pebble beaches because they’re uncomfortable. So I don’t really like being on the beach, but I do like being in the sea. So to me it doesn’t make a difference if it’s raining or not; either way I’m getting wet. 

Alas, no beach trip in the rain. 

So we kinda just wandered up the hill, had coffee in this fancy hotel, then got a bus back down the hill because the rain was coming. We accidentally got on the bus without paying and the driver got out of his chair and shouted at us. 

An advantage of staying in an apartment in Dubrovniks Old Town is that we’re already in the heart of the action. It’s not an off-putting half hour rain soaked walk to and from the town like the last time it was here. We walked around for a bit but It started to rain so we just went home and slept. When we woke again it was sunny. 

I resented slightly the fact that we’d ‘wasted’ a days holiday, but part of the purpose of this holiday was to relax, and today what we found relaxing was lying in bed sleeping. Funny that. I got a bit stir crazy and fretted because I didn’t come all this way to stay in bed, but the weather was bad enough that we didn’t really have much choice. 

Apparently the weather will be worse tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, that’ll be fun. 


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