May 20th 2016

Today, again, the weather restricted our activities in Dubrovnik. 

One benefit of the storms, however, are the waves. 

We sat underneath that castle from Game of Thrones (idk) and watched the waves smash against the rocks. 

I could do it all day, honestly. I find it so relaxing. I don’t know if it’s the noise of the waves breaking, or the way they hit the rocks and break, or the noise of the birds, I don’t know. It’s fun to me. 

We were completely switched off from everything. No phone signal. No wifi. I didn’t have to worry about checking my phone, because I couldn’t. 

We watched the people walk past, going up and down from the castle. We didn’t go in, because we don’t know anything about Game of Thrones. We just sat there and talked and watched the people and listened to the waves and watched the waves and listened to the people. 

And it wasn’t an ideal way to spend a holiday day, but it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t bad at all. 

Until tomorrow, wave after wave, wave after wave. 


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