May 21st 2016

Today we definitely made the most of our final day in Croatia. 

For lunch we got the cable car up the mountain (I think it’s a mountain, Alice kept asking me if it was a mountain or a hill and I’m fairly sure it’s a mountain) we had food at “Restaurant Panorama” with the most wonderful view of Dubrovnik. 

We noted how absolutely tiny Dubrovnik looks from above, and also came to terms with our own insignificant size as we observed the ant-like people scuttle about the town on the roads below us. 

The food was cracking. Definitely the best food above Dubrovnik (harhar), last time we came to Dubrovnik our meal at the restaurant on the hill was ruined by bees swarming on the food. There were no bees this time, but lots of butterflies. The meal, however, was slightly spoiled by the constant drilling by the workman down the hill, which is a shame. 

After food, and exploring/capturing the panoramic landscape, we ventured back down to sea-level on the cable car (Alice ignored my suggestion that we walk down – I was all for it) 

We had a quick nap, and headed to the beach. The beach in Dubrovnik is a pebbly one, which isn’t great. I’m not a fan of sand, because it gets everywhere, and I’m not a fan of pebbles because they’re uncomfortable – so I just spent most of the time in the sea with my snorkel. (I am probably too upset that I can’t take my snorkel home with me) 

I managed to top up my t-shirt tan despite being topless the entire time, so now the difference in colour between my elbow and my shoulder makes it look like I’m somehow of two different races. 

We came home, napped, and went back out for food. We splashed out on our final meal in Croatia and went somewhere a bit different, the food wasn’t the best we’ve had, but the service was almost like a performance. The waiters seemed to juggle bottles and spin plates (slight hyperbole, but it felt like it) and then there were literally (and coincidentally) fireworks at the end of the meal. As Croatia’s Saturday night began to come alive, we retired to our apartment because we’ve got to go home tomorrow. 

Until tomorrow, I don’t wanna go home. 


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