May 23rd 2016

Today I calculated that after 22 and a bit years of life, I have accumulated a grand total wealth of £29. No typo, no commas, no zeroes. I have twenty nine pounds to my name. Less than thirty quid. 

Before we start, I know that personal wealth and money “issues” isn’t a usual thing to share on a public blog, but this whole thing is first and foremost a diary, and looking back on it helps me track my progress in life, and right now is a fairly low point. Financially, at least. 

Over the past month I’ve been on three foreign holidays, serviced my car and bought a MacBook. And it would seem that my outgoings have drastically outweighed my incomings. It’s okay though, because I get paid on Friday. Right? Well, in the two weeks since my last payslip I have worked 6 hours. My payslip will be £45. Although, on the upside, having a payslip that almost triples my net worth will be nice. 

My problem stems from the fact that I struggle to say “no” to a trip. 

“Hey James, fancy coming to Amsterdam for 3 days and £300?” 


“Hey James, fancy coming to Dubrovnik for a week and £600?”

Why, of course! 

I can’t say no because I have FOMO. Fear of missing out. 

So, I’m skint. I am the most skint I have ever been. When I was ten years old I ‘earned’ £10 a month in pocket money, and I think I probably ‘owned’ more money then than I do now. 

And I’m in debt. I owe Alice £100. 

We were walking around a shop called “B&M Bargains” today, and I kept pointing out things that I could not afford. I couldn’t afford to buy a kettle. The shelving unit was out of my price range. Even the lamps were too much for me. I didn’t want to buy any of that stuff, but, y’know, it would be nice to have the option. 

Bear Grylls always says that you need three things in order to survive.

Food. Water. Shelter. 

Firstly, I can’t afford food. Alice paid for our lunch, because I can’t. I ate dinner at work for free. 

Secondly, and happily, I can afford water, because it’s free. I am blessed to live in a country where fresh water comes out of a tap and drinking it doesn’t give you diarrohea or cholera. 

Thirdly, I cannot afford shelter. In “B&M Bargains” today we saw a pop-up one man tent for 30 quid. I could borrow a quid and be able to buy it, but that would put me further in debt. 

Fortunately, for the whole food water and shelter situation I have loving and supportive parents whose rent I cannot afford to pay. I’ve had to cancel my standing order for rent and told my mum I’ll pay her in cash. 

Because thankfully I have a job (waiter, restaurant) that gives cash in hand straight away in the form of tips. (Although I do now have to give 30% of card tips to the kitchen staff – fair, but annoying) 

Really, that £29 didn’t include cash, it was just what I woke up with in my bank accounts after my phone bill came out.  So the cash I earned in tips today doubled my wealth. Yay. 

This all sounds depressing, but it’s okay. It’s a temporary trough after three weeks of peaks. I’ve had three wonderful holidays, and memories are priceless (and expensive) 

From here it only goes upwards. 

Until tomorrow, as long as I remember to say “no” every now and then.


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