May 24th 2016

Today I started a 24 week Marathon training program. 24 Sunday’s from now I will be running a marathon. Probably, possibly, and conceivably. I started my training with a bit of off-roading and it was the most fun I’ve literally ever had on a run.

I ran out of my house, turned left at the end of the road, took another left a bit later on and I was in a forest. I didn’t know how to navigate the forest, but that was kinda the point. Today’s run was a scheduled 4-miles. So it meant I could basically run in any direction I liked for two miles, taking whatever turns and trails I fancied, and then I’d have to turn around and find my way home.

And that’s basically what I did. Getting lost was the idea, and it was great fun. And it afforded me the opportunity to take in some wonderful forest scenery.

When I ran through the woods and saw a mini-waterfall, I traversed my way over trees and rivers to get as close as I could. When I saw a chance to run up a muddy hill and jump off the other side, I flew. I climbed over the fence with it’s sign that said “No access – bridge under repair” and I circumvented the lake. Just because I wanted to.

And I loved it. It’s made me look forward to my 3-mile run tomorrow morning, I just wish it was going to be more than three miles. It’s weird, I run because I want to, but not because I really enjoy it. I get bored, usually. A 4 mile run takes like 40 minutes, and if I’m just running up and down the same pavements then that’s boring. I’m counting down the distance and time until I’m done. But today it was different, because I was running and exploring and climbing and adventuring. And because the area I ran around is so vast, I barely even covered a quarter of it, so there’s plenty more acres for me to explore.

It was a stop-start run, because I kept stopping and started taking photos.

Being in the forest reminded me of being a kid. We actually used to explore that forest frequently, because it’s just behind my house. I even ran past the tyre-swing that we spent hours on. Making, repairing, playing.

I got caked in mud and my knee still stings from the nettles, but I didn’t care.

Until tomorrow, I can’t wait to see what I find next.



3 thoughts on “Offroad

  1. Awesome! isn’t it great to run on a special trail… to find a special place… I love running in the forest… I feel so lucky to have that in my backyard just like you! I have just started a new community website for runners, check it out if you are interested! its so runners can find awesome runs when they travel 😀 Happy running!


    1. I love running in the forest too, the air seems so fresh and the scenery is amazing! Plus i think the different landscapes work a lot of different muscle and such 🙂


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