May 25th 2016

Today I am sticking to my plan.

On Sunday I got out the 2016 week-by-week planner that I bought the last time I convinced myself I was going to turn into this super organised, motivated and productive person.


And I planned out my week. I tried to do it hour-by-hour but it was unrealistic, but I just set myself goals for each day. And so far, I’m sticking to it. In fact, I’m ahead of it.


Please ignore my toddler hand-writing, but you’ll see that I just jotted down various things that I needed to do on each day. Monday went swimmingly, I unpacked, I edited three videos when I’d only scheduled myself to do one, I sent a few emails, I went to Alice’s, I went to work. A simple day, but a productive one. Everything got done, and more.

Yesterday was slightly more chaotic because I didn’t have much free time to spend at home, on my desk, doing things. I went for, and enjoyed, my scheduled 4-mile run, I edited a video – still 2 videos ahead of where I should be this week. I went to golf with my Grandad, and then went to work. In the entire day I barely wasted a single minute. I was always doing something that I had set myself out to do. I was being productive with the time I had. I went for a run at 8am, and got home from work at midnight. It was a long day.

Today I altered my schedule a bit by just swapping what I will do tomorrow for what I have done today. I really wanted to carry on editing videos, and I now only have one more to edit before I’m finished – and I wasn’t supposed to finish until Monday. It made sense to finish one project before starting another. I also ‘wasted’ a bit of time by spending the evening bowling with family. But quality family time (and winning both games of bowling) is not wasted time at all.

Tomorrow is a rest day on the marathon training, or, in fact, it’s a day for cross-training, but I haven’t a clue how to do that now that my gym membership has expired. This means that I’ll have an extra few hours with which to catch up on what I should’ve done tonight.

It seems like it’s every few months that I talk about my bid to become a productive and worthwhile human being, hopefully talking about it will make the bid more successful as I look to avoid public failure. I also need to start sending off query letters to literary agents in aid of getting my novel published, but for that I am waiting on a response from a tutor, so how quickly that gets done is out of my control.

I’m even scheduling what time I am allowed to fall asleep, as I try to slowly regulate my sleeping pattern, and gradually spend less and less time asleep so I can – you know – spend more time awake.

It’s all a bit drastic, but it’s just all about habits. Once writing in my planner-diary becomes as habitual as writing in my (this) blog-diary, then I’m halfway to the mindset I want.

Until tomorrow, state of mind is all that matters.


2 thoughts on “Planner

  1. I love that feeling of satisfaction getting stuff done from your to do list, took me a few years but I’ve finally gotten into a habit with the dreaded housework, makes life that bit easier. Good luck with your planner. Just wanted to make sure you know that even if you’re only halfway to your desired mindset you are still an incredibly worthwhile human being 🙂


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