June 8th 2016

Today I made some progress towards my goal of becoming a contributory member of adult society. I have two job interviews in the next week. 

One is on Friday, and one is actually a second interview for the company with whom I interviewed last week. 

This all means that, hopefully, by the end of next week I’ll become actually employed. And not employed in the definition of “doing work in exchange for money”, because I do that now. But the other definition wherein you do a meaningful, and enjoyable and challenging job…

… In exchange for money. 

And then after I get that money I can start looking for a place to live that isn’t within the confines of my parents house. And I can be a real, proper adult with a job, a car and a house. And I’ll come home from work to my house, and its got its own microwave and everything. Because I’m an adult, and adults buy microwaves. I’ll buy the microwave with money from my new proper adult job, and I’ll cook my girlfriend a proper adult meal in our proper adult microwave within our proper adult house. 

I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, though. 

Until tomorrow, I’ve gotta get the job first. 



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