June 11th 2016 Today a work friend of mine told me that his house was broken into last night. Nothing was taken, nothing was broken, the only way they knew that someone was in the house was because his brother woke up and saw a video on his phone. In the video the burglars are recording themselves walking around the house in the dark. They open doors and show sleeping family members. And that’s so fucking creepy.  They didn’t break in for personal wealth gain, they picked up the phone and used it, but left it and the video it … Continue reading Burgle


June 10th 2016  Today I interviewed for a job and within two hours I’d been asked back for a second interview. So I guess that’s a good sign.  And I’ve gotta go back in for the second interview on Monday. So the hastiness of the situation is also promising.  I only have one suit, which is the issue. If I’m gonna go back to the same company wearing the same suit then it looks a bit bad. So I’m gonna have to invest in a new suit, and then a bunch of new smart clothes.  And that’s okay because I … Continue reading Blazer