June 10th 2016 

Today I interviewed for a job and within two hours I’d been asked back for a second interview. So I guess that’s a good sign. 

And I’ve gotta go back in for the second interview on Monday. So the hastiness of the situation is also promising. 

I only have one suit, which is the issue. If I’m gonna go back to the same company wearing the same suit then it looks a bit bad. So I’m gonna have to invest in a new suit, and then a bunch of new smart clothes. 

And that’s okay because I really like wearing suits. I walked about for a bit wearing my suit, and I just feel all grown up and proper and adult. 

And hopefully, soon, I get to wear suits all the time. Shirt, blazer, trousers. Smart shoes. Proper job, proper life. 

And that’s the goal.

Until tomorrow, that’s the dream. 



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