June 11th 2016

Today a work friend of mine told me that his house was broken into last night. Nothing was taken, nothing was broken, the only way they knew that someone was in the house was because his brother woke up and saw a video on his phone. In the video the burglars are recording themselves walking around the house in the dark. They open doors and show sleeping family members. And that’s so fucking creepy. 

They didn’t break in for personal wealth gain, they picked up the phone and used it, but left it and the video it held, behind as a tribute. So so creepy. 

This is a few days after there was a break in around the corner from me. That time the criminals did take stuff. They took a Rolex box (but not the Rolex that was on the mans wrist) the box is worthless to the burglars but without the box the Rolex loses resale value, so it’s valuable to the homeowner. 

They left the iPads, the laptops, the camera, but they took £13 cash off the side. It’s like they’re not doing it for money, they’re doing it for shits and giggles. These burglars were caught by the way, three 15 year olds. 

15 years old and breaking into houses just for the fun of it. 

Breaking into a house and filming it just to put the fear into people. To let them know that you were there, and that you could come back whenever. 

It’s horrible. 

I’m scared of this town. 

Until tomorrow, I need to get out of it. 

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