June 12th 2016

Today is technically mine and Alice’s two year anniversary. We didn’t celebrate it, I didn’t even see her today. We’ve not really ever celebrated anniversaries, because we’ve had too many of them. If you didn’t know, Alice and I have been together since 2008. Just, like, very on and off. We think that between 2008 and now we’ve had, maybe, 7 or 8 separate relationships. And of course, each of those relationships comes with a separate anniversary.

So we don’t really celebrate them. I know that this current one is today, June 12th, I know that the previous one was December 28th, and I know that the first one was some time in July. So that means that next month it will be 8 years since we first got together. Crazy that. That’s over a third of our lives. I think if you added up the days actually together, i.e, excluding time broken up, it’s still over 5 years. Which is pretty cool.

We’ve grown up together, and we are still together, after everything. And I guess that’s what anniversaries celebrate. They don’t celebrate the day you got together, they celebrate that you still are together. So it doesn’t matter what day it falls on, or what day we celebrate it. We celebrate it every day.

One day we might have a proper anniversary to celebrate. One that will be memorable, and more special, and probably a bit more expensive.

Until tomorrow, or until that day, this will have to do.



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