June 13th 2016

Today I had a job interview and they were asking me about this blog, and I was telling them how each blog post is titled with one word that sums up my day. He asked me “What word sums up today so far?”

And my answer was “Windsor”

You see, in the waiting area of the lobby at this big national bank (I wouldn’t actually be working for the bank, just working with them) I noticed that nobody was wearing a tie. Every single important, suitcase wielding, business looking bloke that walked past me was wearing an open collared shirt, sometimes a jacket, and no tie. I’d specifically gone to extra effort to make my tie look impressive. I figured I needed to make a good impression in such a fancy place of business so I fashioned my tie into a half-windsor knot.


I get there and I’m the only person in the building wearing a tie, and that just highlights my habit of worrying about the small things moreso than the larger things. I spent more time this morning tying and untying my tie than I did cramming in final interview prep. Telling.

And I felt daft telling this story to my interviewer, who, of course, was tie-less. But they asked, and I answered.

Tie’s aside – I was fairly happy with how the interview went, and I got good feedback from it. Apparently I find out tomorrow just how well it went. I wonder if this tie will go from being my ‘interview tie’ to just my ‘work tie’ or, indeed, if I’ll even need this tie again.

Until tomorrow, maybe I’ll bust out the double windsor on special occasions.


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