June 14th 2016

Today I’ve been majorly stressed out and I’m not really sure why. I mean, I know why I’m stressed, but I don’t know why it has made me stressed. 

I’m usually pretty chilled, I don’t let things bother me, I’m not one to get emotional or angry, and I’m neither of those things today. I’m just…. Stressed. 

So I spent most of today checking my phone to see if I’d accidentally missed a call in the 5 seconds after the last time I’d looked at it. “It is on vibrate, yeah?” “I’ll just check my signal” 

I was waiting for a call to find out if I was successful in the job interview I had yesterday. I was told I might find out today, but eventually I was told it might not be till tomorrow. Which is fine, and it’s still pretty quick, I’m just… Stressed. 

My phone did ring. And it was another job offerering me an interview, which I accepted. And this all sounds like good news, right? I’ve had a good interview, I’ve got another one on Thursday, and another one on Monday, that’s all great and maybe I’m finally sorting my life out. But I’m stressing the fuck out. 

And maybe that’s the problem, that suddenly it’s all very real and very adult. It doesn’t help that this is all happening within the space of a few days. I’ve spent months waiting for things to kick on, but instead they’re all coming along at the same time. Something about buses. 

Idk, it’s not the worst situation imaginable: being in the running for three separate jobs. In fact, it’s pretty good news. But it’s, well you know. Maybe. 

Worse things have happened, but I’ve for some reason chosen this specific (and positive) thing to get stressed out about. Great. 

Until tomorrow, stop saying stress. 



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