June 15th 2016

Today I was tasked with creating a mock blog post to bring in to a job interview tomorrow. It took me a while to get into it, but I got there in the end. 

Writing a blog post should be easy for me, because I’ve been doing it once a day for the past – one sec…..562 days. (Wow) But this is probably the first time where a blog post I’ve written will be judged, and scrutinised. I mean, you can judge these posts all you like, but it doesn’t really matter. This piece I wrote today does matter, because it could be the difference between getting the job or not. 

The company is one in the technology industry, and I set myself the task of making the blog post comprehensible and relatable by the layman. When I was researching the topic that I had to write about I found the jargon jarring, so I tried to avoid that in my own piece. 

It’s writing with a bit more thought than I’m used to. On here, the words just fall out and go straight onto the page. If I were to make a career out of writing copy, or blogs, or digital content (as is my goal) then suddenly everything requires more thought. Today’s piece had to have a commercial aspect, it had to be informative, it had to be at least somewhat entertaining to encourage you to actually want to read the damned thing. That’s more than I’m used to here on http://www.fillingmyblanks.com. On here I just write about my day in the hope that someone, somewhere might enjoy reading it. 

I’m not selling anything, I’m not teaching anything. It’s just me and my words. 

From now on I have to think of my words as my currency. Or, more accurately, I have to exchange my words for currency. And I’m reasonably happy with what I produced today, and it got me thinking that maybe I sorta kinda can be successful in the industry, as recently I’ve been having doubts about my ability as we edge ever nearer to it actually being real. (‘It’ being the day when I write words for a living) 

I printed it out and scribbled all over it and annotated and extended upon the points I’d made which I thought were salient, and I think I was left with an informative, witty article that has a slight allusion to selling a product. 

Everything made more sense when I printed it out. I inferred meanings and points that I’d not even made intentionally. Which is a plus. 

Until tomorrow, I hope the company enjoy the piece too. 



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